Good morning, all you friends and neighbors of the Sprazzo Café, the coolest little coffee shop in all of southern Indiana. We have another important announcement for you today, one that we think is going to charm your socks off.

Yesterday’s big announcement, as you will recall, was about motorcycles. And the announcement the day before that was about kitchen appliances. But today’s announcement is about…get this…newborn photography in southern Indiana!

That’s right. This is a subject, we imagine, that you most likely didn’t expect—even though you have come to expect some very totally off-the-wall announcements from the Sprazzo Café Blog.

We are going to focus the spotlight today on Ashley Wilder, a very talented photographer in Paoli, Indiana who specializes in baby and infant photos.

She will take a picture for you and/or your child if you’re anywhere in southern Indiana—from Paoli, to French Lick, to West Baden, to Orleans, and all the way up to Evansville or Indianapolis.

According to her website (, Ashley Wilder is a very happy person. That’s because she is a great lover of children, and her greatest passion is photography. So since she specializes in taking pictures of babies and children all day long, she is a person who is totally swept up in the joy of what she is doing.

We at the Sprazzo Café have been extremely impressed with Ashley’s pictures, so impressed, in fact, that we decided we simply had to bring those pictures to the attention of all our friends and neighbors here in southern Indiana.

If you want to see her pictures, go to her website (see the URL above). And know that you can have pictures just like that for yourself too. She takes two basic kinds of baby pictures: (1) posed photos, and (2) lifestyle photos. If you read her website, you’ll get all the information you need about those two very different kinds of photos, and we urge you to go to her website as soon as you can.

We have never seen photos like those taken by Ashley Wilder, and we think you have never seen photos like that either.